This blog has been set up as a space for us (the teachers) to share creative activities with you (the pupils) and for you to share your work with the Rosendale community. We hope that you and your families will enjoy the activities we share with you and we’d love it if you or your parents/carers share your work by emailing a photo to parentcommunications@rosendale.cc, putting art blog in the subject field.

Whole School Art – Skeletons and the Human Body

This week our NEW art challenge is inspired by nursery’s recent learning about the human body. Have a look at these illustrations and x-ray photos of the human body and its skeleton:

Your challenge is to make a piece of artwork about the skeleton! Take a look at these videos to see how I ‘drew’ two different skeletons using a rubber and charcoal, and then masking tape:

Or maybe you have something different at home that you could use to make a skeleton? Below are great examples using cotton buds, play dough, pasta and paper plates! You could add layers of muscle and some of the organs, and even add labels!

OR… you might prefer to revisit a previous art activity, which this week is Ms Lezameta’s tessellating shapes:

Whole School Art – Eggbox Monsters

Hi to Years 1 and 5, who have both been talking about different materials – including recyclable materials – this week. Today, for our NEW activity I would like to challenge you to make an Eggbox monster like this:

Or, you can revisit a favourite OLD activity from the Rosendale Art Studio. This week our OLD activity is Continuous Line Drawing with Ms Lezameta:

Whole School Art – Roman Mosaics

Each Friday I’m going to post a NEW art activity and re-post a favourite OLD activity from the Rosendale Art Studio. This week your NEW art challenge is to make a Roman mosaic like this one:

Here are the video instructions:

Here are some other mosaic ideas that you could try:

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This week our OLD activity is a much loved paper fish challenge from Ms Johnstone:

Whole School Art – Shaving foam marbelling

Each week we’re going to post a NEW activity and re-share a favourite OLD activity from the Rosendale Art Studio. Everyone in the school is being asked to complete the same activities so this is a great way to learn with the whole family. Have fun!

New activity:

Old Activity – We’re re-visiting block printing with Miss Jaime:

Colour Art

Today we have been inspired by the amazing Ms Smith and a wonderful project she once told me about. The first thing we want you to do is to have a look at a short film that she made looking at how light affects colours and the way we see colours. A really simple way to think about this is the difference of how something looks when the lights are on and when the lights are off.

After watching the film can you think of 3 words that pop into your mind? What are these words? There are also four sounds, manmade, natural, bird and insect, listen back and see if you can identify them.

For today’s activity we are thinking about colour and the horizon. We are going to try and create our own colour pictures. To make her film Ms Smith used lots of colour squares, can you try and make your own? You could use sweet wrappers, celophane, coloured apper, bits of material, food wrappers or even just felt tips and pencil crayons – whatever you have to hand.

Start off by trying to make something like this:

Or you could think about making different towers or types of patterns with your colours like these:

If you enjoyed these activities then you could do some research into the artist Mark Rothko who has spent a lot of his career experimenting with different colours –